Policy Framework and Institutional Arrangements: Case of Affordable Housing Delivery for Low-Income Groups in Punjab, Pakistan

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With great pleasure, the Department of Development Studies, Faculty of Economics and Administration, cordially invites you to the following seminar:

Policy Framework and Institutional Arrangements:

Case of Affordable Housing Delivery for Low-Income Groups in Punjab, Pakistan


Sana Malik

6 March 2020 (Friday), 3pm

Postgraduate Conference Room (Third Floor), Block H12, Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Malaya


Provision of affordable housing for low-income groups is constrained precariously in Punjab, the largest province of Pakistan, because of a complex institutional framework and overlapping roles of government authorities at federal, provincial, and local levels. This presentation uses a reflexive study that covers a broader aspect of the Punjabi Housing system, drawing a framework of current institutional arrangements in practice for affordable housing provision. Although it draws on an institutional analytical framework, the presentation applies structural analysis to the study of public institutions within the housing sector, which provides a much-needed theoretical framework for analyzing housing institutional arrangements under the current dynamic political environment within the country. The study is an effort to fill gaps in the literature in understanding the intricate practices and processes of public housing institutions with overlapping jurisdictions and roles. The presentation shall emphasize the need to streamline federal, provincial, and local governments to provide enabling environment to deal with affordable housing policy and provision issues by reexamining institutional structures. The presentation will locate the analysis in existing housing policy study debates before the empirical findings are analyzed, and policy implications are drawn.  


Sana Malik is pursuing a doctoral study in the School of Housing, Building & Planning (HBP), Universiti Sains Malaysia. She is currently on study leave University of Management and Technology (Pakistan), where she was working as Assistant Professor in School of Architecture and Planning. Sana does research in Housing, Urban/Rural Sociology and Architectural design. Her current Ph.D. thesis is focused on institutional stakeholder collaborations for low-income housing provision in case of Pakistan. She has presented papers in reputable international conferences and published papers in high quality journals within urban planning, housing and built environment disciplines.  She has also attended a certified course in teaching and research through US Department of State-funded program titled ‘Collaboration for Faculty Excellence in Teaching and Research (CFETR)’ at George Mason University. It was an interesting opportunity to learn new teaching pedagogies and assessment techniques in university education.

ResearchGate Profile: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Sana_Malik8

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