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The Tun Ismail Ali Chair in Monetary and Financial Economics at the University of Malaya was established on 28 August 2000, in recognition of the nation by the first Malaysian Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia.

The Chair's key objective is to enhance academic excellence in the area of monetary and financial economics at the University of Malaya as well as amongst the local academic community.  More specifically, the Chair would contribute towards building a strong foundation in monetary and financial economics for the future generation of economics graduates.

In addition, through programmes that include public lectures, the Chair would also enchance the knowledge and expertise of the local banking and financial community in the field of monetary and financial economics

Bank Negara Malaysia has endowed a fund of RM 12 million to the University of Malaya for the purpose of developing the Chair and funding its programmes. Since its establishment, six eminent persons had been appointed to the Tun Ismail Ali Chair.


a) Building strong foundation in the field of monetary and financial economics amongst the next generation of Malaysian economic  

b) Enchancing the knowledge and expertise in the field of monetary and financial economics amongst faculty members of local 

c) Improving the understanding of the local banking and financial community on the area of monetary and financial economics.


1) Professor Ronald Ian McKinnon
    William D. Eberle Professor of International Economics, Economics Department Stanford University, Stanford, California.

2)  Dr.Yilmaz Akyuz (6 November 2003 - 15 March 2004)
     Chief Economist and the Director, Division on Globalization and Development Strategies in UNCTAD

3)  Datuk Seri Panglima Andrew L.T. Sheng (27 February 2006 - 26 May 2006)
     Chairman, OECD-ADBI Roundtable on Capital Markets and Former Chairman, Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission.
     Website : http://www.andrewsheng.net

4)  Professor Takatoshi Ito (29 July 2008 - 10 July 2009)
     Professor, Graduate School of Economics, University of Tokyo

5) Professor Ajit Singh (3 December 2010 - 2 December 2011)
    Emeritus Professor of Economics, University of Cambridge

6) Professor Dr Thorsten Beck (21 August 2017 - 20 August 2018)
    Professor of Banking and Finance, Cass Business School, London
    Website:  http://www.thorstenbeck.com

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