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To All Candidates, Masters Programme (By Coursework)

(EPGB6181, ESCG6181, EXGA6181)


(i)     Candidates that intend to register for Research Paper in Academic Session 2016/2017 must submit the following document as per the date below:

SEMESTER II, 2016/2017



Latest Date to Submit



Submission Form for Approval of Field of Research and Appointment of Supervisor (Pink Form)


2 January 2017


*Submission Form for Approval of Title (Blue Form)


3 April 2017


*Final Submission of Research Paper for Examination to Faculty


12 May 2017

 * Only students who have completed registration Research Paper of 9 credit hours are allowed to hand over documents in the current semester 


(ii)    Only candidates with a satisfactory Research Proposal are allowed to register for the Research Paper. The Research Proposal must be submitted together with the Form for Approval of Field of Research and Appointment of Supervisor.


(iii)      Candidates are advised to consult with the academic staff of the Faculty with the Expertise in the proposed field of research before submitting the Research Proposal.


(iv)      Candidates are reminded of their responsibility to renew their candidature by registering for courses at the beginning of every semester. No reminder will be sent regarding this matter. Failure to renew registration is a violation of the University regulations that will lead to termination of candidature. It is therefore important for candidates to submit their Research Proposal on time to avoid this from happening.


(v)       Candidates are reminded that the Research Paper must be submitted for examination latest by the stipulated date of the semester in which the total credit hours registered for the Research Paper have reached 9 credits. A Research Paper that is not submitted for examination within the stipulated date will be deemed fail and be given Grade F.

Postgraduate Unit

Academic Office

Faculty of Economics and Administration

University of Malaya


Last Updated: 27/02/2019